Packaging guide

All items must be securely and sufficiently packaged to protect the contents as your parcel will be handled several times by hand as it travels through our system. The item must be cushioned, protected, have suitable outer packaging and the corners protected.

Here are some tips on how to correctly package your item.

1. Choose a good quality box

A double walled box, especially for deliveries that contain fragile items, secured appropriately is best.

2. Choose the right sized box

Boxes that are too small could mean the contents get lost. Boxes that are too large are likely to collapse if another parcel is placed on top of it during delivery.

3. Protect your items

Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam and newspaper can all be used to protect your items.

4. Wrap each item in the box individually

When sending multiple items within one box, it’s recommended that each item is wrapped individually. This offers better protection for your items and reduces movement.

5. Seal the parcel with packing tape

Seal all open edges of the parcel with wide parcel tape on both the top and bottom of your package to ensure it doesn’t open during transit.

6. Labelling your parcel

Always use clear, accurate address labels on your parcels.

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