Cubing guide

Fastway Cubing Guide

The pricing for sending parcels is based on the greater of the actual weight and cubic weight.  It's important you calculate this to ensure your parcel is labelled correctly; otherwise you risk it being returned to you.

How do I calculate cubic weight?

You’ll need to know your parcel’s actual weight and its cubic weight, as the delivery rate is calculated on whichever is the greater.

The cubic conversion rate is 200kg per cubic metre, so

cubic weight = H x W x L x 200

1. Convert measurements to metres.

2. Multiply the height x width x length x cubic conversion (200) to get the cubic weight.

Example: (H) 0.45m x (W) 0.35m x (L) 0.30m x 200 = 9.45kg

3. So, if the actual weight of this parcel was 5 kilograms and the cubic weight was 10 kilograms, the greater weight of 10 kilograms is used to calculate the label price.

Download our handy cubing guide here.

Cubing guide


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