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A new revenue source with no investment

pc customer agent

Parcel Connect agent benefits

New revenue source with no investment

Increased store traffic and impulse sales

More services to your existing customers

No negative impact on capital or cash flow

Simple process that’s easy to follow

Easy to use web-based technology to sell and scan parcels

What makes a good agent

Trading outside normal business hours (min 12 hours)

Open seven days a week

Easy parking nearby

PC with Internet access

Wedge scanner preferred

Clean and tidy store

Storage space

Impulse purchase items for sale

pc customer agent
pc customer agent

What do you have to do?

Receive parcels

from sending customers for courier collection
from couriers for customer collection

Store parcels

in a secure location

Release parcels

to courier from sending customers
to collecting customers

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Become a Parcel Connect agent

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