This Friday 11 September, the Fastway Couriers team will wear crazy combinations of shoes for ‘Odd Shoe Day’ to raise awareness and donations for local children’s cancer charity, Camp Quality New Zealand.

Much of New Zealand is set to be full of daffodils from Monday, 24 August, thanks to Fastway Couriers which has volunteered to deliver thousands of bunches ahead of the 25th annual Daffodil Day in New Zealand on Friday, 28 August.

This month, Fastway Couriers is calling for donations to support Little Sprouts, a charity that provides free baby packs to assist vulnerable families in New Zealand.  To ensure Little Sprouts can continue to support families in need, Fastway is encouraging everyone to donate baby products and, in return, the friendly courier experts will donate their time and services to collect and transport the items.

Continuing Fastway Couriers’ commitment to technology and innovation, the friendly courier experts have invested in Flirtey, the world’s first commercial aerial delivery service, marking the beginning of an exciting collaboration.  

Fastway Couriers is assisting a select number of local initiatives, to collect and transport much needed items to a central location, ready for onward shipping to Vanuatu. 

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